Turquoise Waters Fine Art Print Close Up

New Prints in Shop: “Turquoise Waters” and “Autumn Impression”

I completed these paintings a number of years ago, back in 2013 to be exact. I still enjoy viewing them, so they made the cut for prints that would go up on the Etsy shop.

"Turquoise Waters" Fine Art Print by Cortney North in white frame, blue and green water painting

“Turquoise Waters” Fine Art Print by Cortney North, available in 8×10, 11×14 and 13×19 (inches)

“Turquoise Waters” is a style that brings me a lot of happiness. It is soothing to create paintings that have the feel of calm water and it allows me to work with some of my favorite colors!

This painting is 24″x12″ and was sold a few years ago. “Turquoise Waters” would look fantastic in almost any room with almost any design style because it is subdued and relaxing. It would be especially great in a bathroom, beach-inspired room and living room.

(Addendum: After writing this post, my mind has been trying to figure out a style that would clash with “Turquoise Waters” and I’m coming up empty-handed. My thoughts went immediately to southwestern design, but I think the orange/red palettes and strong patterns would compliment the organic design elements of the print. Hmm, maybe it’s a universal print?)

Autumn Impression Fine Art Print by Cortney North in white frame, autumn inspired painting, red and orange abstract art print

“Autumn Impression” Fine Art Print by Cortney North, available in 8×10, 11×14 and 13×19 (inches)

My most specific memory of creating “Autumn Impression” was that it was completed in a whirlwind. Something struck me about the colors of autumn – you could call it having a bee in my bonnet – and it escaped onto the canvas. I kept the scarlet reds to a minimum and focused on orange/red-orange, gold and lemon yellow. I wasn’t going for a showcase of peak fall color, but rather the variety of colors trees and bushes display over the course of the season.

The original painting is quite large, 24″x36″. Its new home is a light-filled dining room, where it recides above a large dining buffet and steals the show against a warm gray wall. The crystal buffet lamps flanking the art piece only add to the splendor.