Newest prints are up for sale…cheer, cheer!

Well, despite what I thought was possible, I was able to get all three of these prints up for sale today. I wasn’t sure it was going to happen and, even now, I’m amazed my brain gathered its best energy to pull through. Last night the thunderstorms decided to have an all-nighter, which meant I probably accumulated a few hours of sleep at best. I’m one of those 8-hours-is-non-negotiable sleepers, so I’m getting ready to head downstairs for my second cup of coffee. Typically I don’t drink coffee – I’m wired enough without it. But today, oh today, I need it like a plant needs sunshine.

Before I do, however, and before I slip into an unplanned nap, I wanted to post the pictures of my newest prints. They are all available on my Etsy shop in 8×10, 11×14 and 13×19 sizes.


‘Blossoming I’ by Cortney North


‘Blossoming II’ by Cortney North


‘Blossoming III’ by Cortney North


Blossoming Series by Cortney North

You may be thinking, Those prints look surprisingly similar to ‘Summer Flower Garden.’ And you’re right. I can’t enlarge the ‘Summer Flower Garden’ to any size larger than 11×14. It’s a real pity too because it’s a pretty print and would look stunning in a larger format. I just painted the original too small – short sighted thinking, I know.

But I have remedied the problem! And made the prints into a series! I have always thought the ‘Summer Flower Garden’ would look excellent as a series, blown up into 13×19 sizes, and hung over a headboard in a master bedroom or a sofa in the living room. Or perhaps a large wall in a dining room. Or a garden-themed guest bedroom? Let’s just say, I think they’d look great in a plethora of spaces. Oooh, how about a child’s nursery? Enchanting!

I’ll stop now, I promise. Let’s blame this on the tiredness.

I must go get coffee. I must.

I’m off to relish in some caffeine. Hopefully the thunderstorms didn’t keep you up either with their all-nighter. If they did, I’ll pour you a cup, too.