Outdoor picnic finds at World Market

While designing a room for one of my beach paintings, I came across a few items that screamed elegant picnic.

I believe screaming the word ‘elegant’ most likely isn’t very elegant.

Said in a more proper fashion, I came across a few items that were the embodiment of an elegant picnic.

I’m ridiculous, I know. I blame it on being an artist at heart. Too creative for my own good.

Wine and Cheese basket at World Market

This is for when my husband and I have our romantic Sunday afternoon wine and cheese picnics along the river. Brie and port only, please.




Acrylic Stemware at World Market

How useful are these? Plastic that looks, at least on my monitor, like glass. Elegant, easy clean up, but I’ll have to make sure they’re always full or they’ll blow away in the wind.

Oh, darn.

$15.96 – $19.96


Blue Glass Yorkshire Dispenser at World Market

You caught me, I wouldn’t take this on a picnic. Unless I needed to keep a lot of those acrylic wine glasses from blowing away.

It was aqua and wonderful and beautiful. It demanded to be shown.



Silver Multi-Strand Necklace at World Market

A wine and cheese picnic needs some bling. When I went to Italy too-many-years-ago during college, these necklaces were all over Venice. Very stylish. (And very expensive over there at $200 a piece – they didn’t look any different than this one!)



Yellow Floral Scarf

Just in case the afternoon turns into a quiet romantic evening, here’s a scarf to keep warm. It’s decidedly frilly and feminine, something I’m not especially known for, but this scarf somehow changed my mind. I believe the colors make it work.


I’ll be pinning this onto one of my Pinterest boards if you want to check them out there.

Hope this inspired you to have a wine and cheese picnic. Or just have a picnic. Or just enjoy the spring air for a bit. Whatever works.

Note: These finds were not sponsored by World Market. I was just inspired by what’s for sale!