Newest landscape painting by Cortney North

A painting for my bedroom and delightful outdoor showers

Did this week fly by as fast for you as it did for me? It seemed as though I woke up and a few hours later was back in bed getting ready to fall asleep. It’s been a whirlwind! In this shortened week I’ve enjoyed a run in the sunshine, Graeter’s black raspberry chip ice cream with family, cuddles with animals at work, dreaming of outdoor showers, and hours of painting time! Given that my week was so random, I’ll summarize the highlights.


Landscape Painting by Cortney North

This landscape measures 36×36 and has been a lot of fun to work on over the past week. This has been a project I’ve meant to tackle for a while. That is, finding a solution for above my bed. I’ve gone back and forth about headboard options and have not been sold with what was available.

Then I had the idea to hang a large-scale painting above the bed that resembled my landscape painting in our living room. The painting will add texture and will bring together the varied colors present in the room (raw umber, honey brown, light blue, light gray-blue, and taupe). However, in order to make the painting fit the space I had to make every color a version of gray. On the canvas the colors don’t appear gray, but they do when I’m mixing them on my palette. This provides a challenge albeit one that I love overcoming. Overall it is coming along well and I’m getting antsy to hang it on the wall!

Watercolor relaxation:

In my last post I mentioned how fun and rejuvenating it has been to spend time with my watercolor paints in the evening. Well, the Memorial Day weekend involved a lot of family get togethers and this past week’s evenings have been spent catching-up from the weekend. In other words, I typed the words last week and haven’t gotten back to the watercoloring since then. Lately I’ve found that I commit to a new routine in my head and it is as though everything in my life rearranges itself to make my new routine not happen. What’s going on?! It’s like I stepped into some version of reality that makes a game out of my decisions.

“Let’s see if she can schedule her new workout routine in with this curve ball, Bob!”

“It will be a close one, Jeff, but I think we’ll be entertained at her flailing attempt. It’s always good for a laugh!”

And I do laugh…most of the time. Summer is quickly approaching so I will be easier on myself in regards to planning. This will help my blood pressure when I don’t get as much checked off my daily to-do list as I would prefer.


This past weekend I caught up on some reading. I finished Station Eleven and can say I enjoyed the adventure provided in the book. Next time I will reserve apocalyptic-themed books for wintertime though.

I will be looking at the Modern Mrs. Darcy summer reading guide for my next book picks. If you’re looking for quality summer reads, you can check out her blog post here: Modern Mrs. Darcy’s Summer Reading Guide. As far as deciding the next book I will read, I haven’t a clue. What will likely make my decision is the library. What’s available will be what I pick up next!

Instagram discovery:

Early this week I ran across this Architectural Digest outdoor shower photo compilation in my Instagram feed. (I’ve included some images from Houzz to show just how incredible these outdoor showers can be!)


I really love the idea of an outdoor shower. I’ve mentioned before that if I were to build a home right now, I would design my home to integrate nature to the max potential. Thus having a shower outside just moves me steps closer in that direction.



However great the idea sounds, I still get nervous about the vulnerability of showering outside. All I can imagine is that the one day I build up my courage to step outside, I will look up and see a neighbor’s drone just waiting for this moment. I’m sure it’s illegal, but would that stop someone from trying? I’ll go out on a limb and say probably not.

I grew up with outdoor showers, but they were near pools or the ocean in order to rinse off chlorine and salt water. For now I will stick with those!


Dessert time

The end of the week will look like a day full of working and New York style cheesecake from Trader Joe’s in the evening. We are cheesecake fanatics and will certainly be happy with this choice. If it’s anything like the tiramisu, it will be a fast favorite.

After some cheesecake, our whirlwind week will wrap up welcoming in a calm weekend. And let’s hope this time when I type something, it will come true!