Painting Palette Pictures

The sides of the paintings are almost complete. It took more coats of paint than I realized and – due to the very dry air – the paint dried almost on contact with the canvas. It was a balancing act between keeping the paint wet enough to spread and not having drips run down the sides.

Since the sun is shining again today, I am going to add ‘photographing the paintings’ to my agenda. That will help me stay on track for having the paintings for sale by the end of this week, which is – as I look at my calendar – tomorrow. Best get moving!

Before I head out, I wanted to share pictures of my paint palette. I’ve always loved the color combinations and layers created on a paint palette. Typically there is some thought as to where a color will go on my palette, but some times I get swept up in the creative moment; I just look for available space to mix my colors. My palette is always changing and I thought I should capture the stages of its evolution. Here is today’s collection of palette abstracts and my brief thoughts.

Painting Palette

A complex reflection on the textural state of art or a mountainous topographical weather map with some severe storms moving in.

Painting Palette 2

A visual representation of our society’s view of cool colors overshadowing warm colors or green slime overtaking a tropical topographical weather map.


I see a forest in the foreground, mountains is the middle ground and to the right, a plume of volcanic cloud preceded by red fiery ash. The left has a fiery volcano too. This valley does not look like an ideal place to live.


And the final photo of the day. This is the palette of my heart. No joking here, the colors are too lovely.