Varying Oranges arranged in a striped pattern

Peach, Coral and Pumpkin: Bedrooms in Orange

I love colors! But there is an exception and I’m going to let you in on the secret. It’s one many people don’t know about me. I don’t like the color red. It is a visceral reaction – one I wish I didn’t have given I live in the land of OSU Buckeyes and their bright scarlet – but it exists nonetheless. I’ve tried to overcome my dislike, even to the point of trying to paint solely with red, but I think the experiment caused me to dislike it more. Whoops…

I’m sure you have a color aversion as well. That color that makes your skin crawl when you see it. A popular one I hear is green, specifically light green. Another is orange. I just read a study that people increasingly dislike orange as they age. That fascinated me. Why does orange fall out of favor as we get older?

Perhaps as we age we begin to only associate orange with ‘pumpkin orange?’ Or maybe there’s an unfavorable company we deal with as we get older and their branding is orange? I have no idea. I can agree that pumpkin orange isn’t my favorite in the orange line up, but orange has a big family!

As I considered the idea, I realized I’m embracing orange more as I get older. I’m on a coral kick at the moment. I also very much appreciate peach. Both of these are wildly popular in our culture at the moment.

Inspired by orange, I’ve searched Houzz for some bedrooms that highlight the Orange Family of Colors. You might be surprised how much you like the different takes on this underdog of the color wheel.

Master Bedroom

‘The Suite is Ready for You’ Room – I had to consider this room for some time, but now I appreciate it for the timelessness it displays. It is sophisticated and makes me think the room was once burnished with a coat of rose gold. With warm, luxurious, silky fabrics and metallic accents, it is a nod to high-class hotel style. The white and cream accents are needed to give buoyancy and offer a modern vibe.


Ponte Vedra Beach Residence

Rise and Shine Room – This bedroom captured my attention right away. The orange is bold and if I were the designer of the space, I would have experienced a sleepless night prior to putting this color on the walls. It is paired with its color compliment, blue, along with the strong contrast of white and black. With the vibrant color and value contrasts, the room isn’t calm, but it isn’t overwhelming either. It’s producing a good, happy energy that I enjoy.


Master Bedroom

Peach Fizz Room – This is the opposite of the room above in terms of energy level. The subdued peach provides a sunny, creamy accent that keeps the room from being bland. I love the punches of dark brown/purple (I can’t quite tell from my vantage point) and lime green. This, again, is high contrast with black and white, but the dialed-down vibrancy of the peach allows for a calm feeling. Spending a night here would feel like a quaint retreat.


Society Social

Melon Magnificence Room – This is a beautiful color and one of those oranges that I’m giddy about right now. The room feels feminine and bold and I love the pink and gold accents. Just like the other spaces, it needs the large amounts of white to balance out the intensity of the color. This color screams youthful energy to me and that is always a good thing!


Positively Pretty

Inside the Seashell Room – I’m noticing a trend in the photos I’ve chosen that orange is standing on its own without a lot of competing colors. The one-color dominance of this room allows for a relaxed, calming space. This beautiful color reminds me of a conch shell’s interior. To replicate this look would be easy given the popularity of crystal lamps and white furniture. You’re letting the paint color do all the speaking, design-wise.


Parlette Residence

Coral Pop Room – Ultra modern and simple, but ultra cool. The vibrant, bold color appealed to me. Keeping everything simple is key when using such an eye-catching, large focal point. The black and white graphic pillow breaks up the monotony and ties in the black accents such as the beside lights and cabinet hardware. I likely would have put black and white prints on the wall compared to the blueish tinted photos, but I like the color compliment being displayed. The wood accents are a secondary color along with white.

All of these photos are linked to Houzz, so you can check out the rooms in more detail!