Pieces at Williams and Sonoma

I set myself loose again to look for what would inspire me, what would make my heart sing. I succeeded and found some finds at the lovely store of Williams and Sonoma.

Every time I enter their store, I want to start cooking, but sadly, there are no ovens or groceries for my use. So unfortunate, but it’s for the best as I would have flour bursting forth from their pristine mixers and frosting flying a mile high onto their ceilings.

I’m not known for my clean cooking skills, just the delicious ones.

Here are some of things that appealed to me.

Apilco Aqua 5-Piece Dinnerware Place Setting

I’m very particular about what dinnerware sets I use. They have to be white, but they can have a touch of texture and these fit into my tastes perfectly.

Below is a detail of the texture. It’s one of my favorite textures to add when I’m making my own ceramic pieces.



glass Tossa Highball Glasses, Set of 6

The long, lean shape of the glass is an unexpected variation to an ordinary water glass. At least that’s what I would use it for though it could also be used for mixed beverages. Yum.


Cake Stand

White Washed Stands

I’ve fallen in love with these stands. They aren’t too hoity-toity to be used at a casual get together, but they are elegant enough to show your guests that you put some time into the presentation. I’m a fan of understated elegance.


Star Wars pancakes
Star Wars™ Vehicles Pancake Molds

Which one of my finds is not like the other? Hmm…

My husband already loves the generic round pancakes we make, but how much better would it be if those tasty pancakes were shaped like Star Wars vehicles. Much better, I say! It’s good to let the inner kid (and nerd) shine through every now and again.

Note: Not sponsored by Williams and Sonoma. I was just searching around their beautiful store for pieces that I like.