Quick Weekend

Sometimes I feel as though my weekends fly by and other times my weekends seem to last and last. This past weekend was one that flew by. I can’t believe it’s already Monday. Where did the time go?

There were some fun things my husband and I did this weekend and one in particular is pictured below.

Apple Pie This apple pie recipe is from Southern Living a while back. We made it two years ago and have been in love with it ever since. It is the quintessential fall dish especially when a big ol’ slice is topped with vanilla ice cream. The resulting deliciousness is an art piece all on it’s own.

On Sunday we ventured back to Prairie Oaks metro park and had a grand time hiking around. Such a peaceful park.

I’ve been reading a physics book, “Wrinkles in Time” by George Smoot, almost every weekend now. I’m about half way through and am very entertained. If you like to wonder about the creation of the universe and how subatomic particles played a role in the formation of all things, it’s right up your alley. Side note: Science is a huge passion of mine almost as much as art and art history. I try to keep up on what’s the latest in science when I’m not working on my art.

So that’s the round up. Today I’m finishing up 2-3 prints to be posted up on my shop later. Hopefully they’ll make it by the end of the day today! Take care and have a great Monday!