Saturday tidbits

A few days ago I walked into our bedroom (my husband and I’s room – I felt as though I needed to specify) and was greeted by a beautiful arrangement of flowers. There were bright pink daisies with three white calla lilies. He assembled a striking collection of colors, which is one of the joys of being married to a fellow artist. He knows style.

Calla lilies and pink daisy by Cortney North

Gorgeous colors, am I right?

Today after venturing off into the big, bad world of errand-running, I focused myself on setting up 11×14 prints in my shop. It had to be done, but I needed a spare moment.

Turquoise and Gray 11x14 art print by Cortney North at Cortney North Fine Art

And they’re all up! Woo hoo, miraculous, I say!

At some point I will finish this painting I’ve been working on, which is pictured below. It’s going to be similar to my flower garden painting, but I’m earmarking this one for prints. The photo below shows my progress, which isn’t much at the current hour. Hopefully next week at this time the painting will be complete and the print up for sale.

Sneak peek of new print at Cortney North Fine Art

I think that minty, chartreuse-y green is divine. It was my starting point.

Thanks for stopping by – I appreciate your love a bunch! Hope you’re enjoying a great weekend.