Screenshots of what I’m loving right now!

Well, I’m not even sure how to start this post because there is so much spinning around in my head. Yesterday I wanted to have the painting shown below ready to sell in print form on Etsy.

I really, really like this painting. It is a slight variation on my normal style due to the larger, sweeping brush strokes, but it creates such a dynamic piece. I was so excited to post it! Then my printer went on the fritz. I figured the error message was alerting me to change the ink. Oh no, I was wrong. It seems as though the printer was telling me it had died. Fatal error. No more printer.


Could I say I used the life out of the printer? Yes. Could I say it died from too much excitement with printing the above painting? I’d like to think so… it at least puts a silver lining on the whole situation.

My husband wants to take a look at the printer to make sure it is completely dead instead of almost dead such as in The Princess Bride. I’m less optimistic for a miraculous electronic resuscitation. The tech support guy made some highly unfavorable sounds when I answered his list of questions and then told me he would send a discount code with a website to purchase a new printer. Apparently the problems I have can’t be solved over the phone. Let’s assume he meant the printer, but in truth, that’s probably an accurate statement for most of us.

I’m thinking my printer’s story is coming to an end, but in happier news, I thought I’d share some screenshots of things I’m enjoying right now. They are keeping my spirits up despite the dark, printing times.

Harney & Sons Paris tea

Oh man, I love this tea. I first had it at the Cambridge Tea House in Grandview. I dreamed about it for a year, told my husband how fruity and vanilla-y it tasted and counted the days before I could have it again. Then I found it at Target of all places! I’ve been dreaming about this tea, which I walked past once a month for a year until my eyes were opened. There is some great message to be extrapolated from that if only my mind wasn’t fried by how to fix my printer. This glorious tea has flavors of black currant, caramel and vanilla. It is such a dessert-like treat on a cold day.


At Home: A Short History of Private Life by Bill Bryson

A fascinating read! I’ve been reading this book slowly over the past month and haven’t been able to get too far due to my attention being directed elsewhere. I really enjoy learning how our homes evolved from one room spaces into what they are now. If history intrigues you and you’re a lover of random facts, this would be an enjoyable book. Also, some reviews on Goodreads said people thought the book jumped around or felt disjointed. I’m reading it in small chunks, so that aspect doesn’t stand out to me.


Nature: Spy in the Wild

This show is intriguing and captivating! The spy animals are comical, if not a bit eerie such as the orangutan above. What I’d love to know is if the observed behaviors “caught by the spy animals” are novel or if they’ve been observed by researchers prior to this show. It is a fun concept to see if animals would recognize and/or accept these imposters as their own kind and act normally with the new animal around. It is light-hearted, educating and so far the stories have ended well. This is an important point for me with any animal show. I acknowledge that animals eat animals, but I don’t want to watch it.


Trader Joe’s Honey Walnut Shrimp and Riced Cauliflower

I’ll just tell you something everyone who knows me already knows: I love Trader Joe’s. I pretty much only grocery shop at Trader Joe’s. My husband and I find they have everything we need and it is located just up the road. Convenience + goodness + good prices = sold! The other day I picked up the Honey Walnut Shrimp to have as a quick dinner and we were very happy with our choice. It is sweet, which you’d expect for a dish named “honey shrimp.” If you are like me and prefer non-sweet dishes, this wouldn’t be the ideal pick for you. When we made it, my husband received most of the sauce and that worked well. It is simple to cook in a skillet and great with riced cauliflower if you’re looking to avoid some carbs. We thought it was delicious!