Seaside Breezes by Cortney North

New Print in Shop: “Seaside Breezes”

And debuting my latest print to be placed on Etsy: “Seaside Breezes” – so lovely! What I love about this painting/print: the colors! I’ve been working with my absolute favorite colors lately. I was inspired by the brilliant colors of spring. The pop of green is a perfect representation of this.


Seaside Breezes by Cortney North Fine Art 12x12 print

“Seaside Breezes” by Cortney North -12×12 print


Though I did intend for the painting to be purely abstract, I can’t help myself from seeing clouds building over the ocean. Do you see it too? My favorite clouds are cumulonimbus, which is what I see each time I see this painting. That’s my favorite part of abstracts: they are like clouds themselves in that each viewer can take away their own interpretation.


Seaside Breezes by Cortney North Fine Art 12x12 print


It looks so crisp and clean in the frame! This print would be happily displayed in a space with complimenting colors such as a beach-themed room, neutral bathroom, and any space that would like a fresh pop of color. You can check out the print on my shop page: “Cortney North on Etsy – Seaside Breezes Print”