Simple beauty in the garden

Since it’s Wednesday and I woke up thinking it was Tuesday, I thought the day could a little ‘enlightening’ of sorts.

I’m certain now it’s Wednesday. The calendar told me so.

So to find my inner peace and sense of time again, I went off into the garden to appreciate the natural beauty. Taking some time to slow down, gain my thoughts and take a few deep breaths is the best way to begin the day.


I love a fully opened coneflower.

Also, there is no better color scheme creator than nature. I just needed to say that. Next slide, please.


The details in this bud’s close up surprised me. Who knew they had such texture!


We normally have lots of these bumblebees around. This year with the bee shortage we’ve seen a steady three always on the flowers. Yesterday my husband spotted a honeybee on them as well.


Coneflowers remind me of a porcupine and a hedgehog and an echidna. They’re all wonderful animals.

Did you know an echinda’s babies are called puggles? It’s true. I used to work as an educator at the zoo. I just needed to say that too. Next slide, please.

Coneflower photo by Cortney North Fine Art

This is my favorite of the photos. Tucked underneath the leaves, the colors on these two blooms are muted and simple. It is such a calming, tranquil scene.

Happy Tue– I mean Wednesday to you! I hope your halfway-through-the-week day is cheerful, productive, enlightening and wonderful!

Thanks for stopping by! Cortney