Something needs to fill that space behind the bed

Today I’ll be focusing on writing the next installment of my internet book. I said in my previous blog post that I was going to work on it yesterday. I did, but not enough to call it complete and post it up. This is why I am writing these words instead of ‘Debuting the next chapter after a few months off!’ It’s still summer in my head so deadlines are a bit hazy much like the horizon up here in Ohio.

Yesterday my husband and I did accomplish a major goal, which was narrowing down where we want to live for the next year. Most of our stuff is packed up in boxes at the moment. These items have been packed up in boxes for the past 4 years and as a result, we have very little memory of what we own. There are also those items we decided not to keep for the sake of not wanting to haul them. One item was our enormous couch that weighed as much as an elephant. I hope Goodwill found it a blessed home. Another item was our headboard, which I had constructed out of birch branches. I was tired of it so we disassembled the branches and used them as kindling.

This being the case, we are in need of a sofa and a headboard which leads me to the reason for the following images. I’ve seen a full range of headboard ideas and most seem do-able, but some seem cheesy, while others are just nonsensical. I want something creative, not expensive and I would prefer it to be interesting. There is the option of buying a headboard, but we will be moving in another year – possibly across the country – and I’m all for the less is more mantra when it comes to hauling stuff.

I’m not a person who is scared of a DIY project so I might go that route. I just need some sparks to get my creativity flying. Perhaps I’ll even put the DIY headboard on the blog. You will get to see me sketch the idea, cut the wood with my power tools, run to the hospital to reattach my finger…I’m kidding. I’ve taken a few shop classes (had to for my degree) as well as some metal working classes. I’m what they call a professional. Ha!

Without further ado, here are some headboard ideas I found:


I enjoy the rustic simplicity here, but it might be expensive to find a plank of wood like this. Plus it would mean moving a heavy object in a year.

I have seen using old doors, barn doors, shutters, everything behind the bed, but I like that these shutters have some interest at the top. The curved tops add a polished feature that most other options don’t have.

It would be easy to stop over at World Market and buy some room dividers like these and stick them back there. I’d have to make sure the design would blend well with our comforter. Mental note: I need to look at the comforter because I have forgotten its pattern.

This is one I felt drawn towards. It would be easy enough to construct, easy to stain using pine from the hardware store and easy to mount on the wall. Plus it gives me the look of the first picture’s plank of wood, but with a more economical twist.

My husband would never be on board for this, but I threw it in for whimsy. It’s well done, I’ll say that.

The possibility of no headboard and just a collection of pictures? Maybe? Maybe…I’m a hard sell on this idea, but I don’t hate it.

I’m intrigued by the bamboo blinds behind the bed, which act like a block of color. It opened up some of my creative channels. My wheels are turning.

I think I could get on board for this type of picture collection. Fun colors with bold graphic images. Maybe… But I do love that art.

Similar to the bamboo curtains, hanging a curtain behind the bed to soften the wall is a nice touch. I realize there is a window behind this bed, but you wouldn’t need it to be there to justify a curtain. It’s acting like a tapestry.

Mirrors are always great for reflecting light and adding the illusion of space. It falls into the pictures-above-the-bed category for me. Maybe I like it? Maybe?

The good thing is that I have plenty of time to mull this over. It’s a very good thing, indeed.