Sophisticated Beach Office: Design Theme

After completing so many of my paintings, I begin to envision the room I would design around them. It’s a part of my passion for interior design that can’t help wondering what stores have pieces that would blend together to form just the right look in a room.

My husband and I were recently looking at some rental homes on Hilton Head Island and I became intrigued. I love pulling out all the stops and creating a room that says, ‘You are in a beach home complete with nautical theme silverware and bed linens.’ It’s a look, but it’s a look that risks getting old fast.

So, for a challenge, I wanted to soften that nautical-craze a bit. Then I considered, what if I created a beach theme office? Or further, what about a sophisticated beach office? One that could pass even here in Ohio?

Oh, I was up for the challenge.

Sophisticated Beach Office Design Board by Cortney North Fine Art

Note: For the paint color, on my monitor, ceiling bright white was a great gray to use. Almost a hint of blue. But I’ve seen this color in real life and it’s white. To remedy this, I would peruse the paint colors (an odd hobby of mine anyways) in the store and find a mild gray with touch – a hint – of blue.

I could describe for days why I love each piece together in this design. I’ll spare you. I hear you saying, ‘Thanks.’ You’re welcome…I think.

But I do want to say a few things before I go. The main pieces in the room are a lighter tan/gray to help steer away from the hit-you-over-the-head blue theme I’m used to seeing in nautical rooms. A non-traditional fabric on the chair mimics the lines in the painting as well as the Floor Cabinet’s decorative lines on the glass doors. This repetition classes the joint up a bit by making it feel cohesive.

So that’s all. I won’t get into the textures, which I love, or the use of formal mixed with informal. Nope, not today. Just look and enjoy.

But come back tomorrow when I talk about the Mannerist movement relating to themes in modern day architecture.

Just kidding…I think.