New lamps for my studio

In the studio: New lamps for painting

There are facts that I have accepted about living in Ohio. One is this: It is inevitable the skies will turn into a sheet of gray as winter inches closer. Though I try not to let the gloomy weather bother me, it does affect my studio lighting conditions.

Of course when the weather is sunny and the summer sun is pouring into my studio, all is great in my art world. Plus the days are long so I can paint into the evening.

Now it is October and the timid winter sun is hiding again. This is the view outside my studio window right now.


Sky outside my studio in Dublin, Ohio

Ick. I almost hate to show you this photo. It is so unattractive. I apologize, but you need to see proof of what I’m dealing with.

To make matters worse, for the past year the lighting I had in the studio cast a heavy yellow glow over the room. It made color mixing frustrating. I dealt with it because we were still in the early stages of re-starting the art business.

However, my husband and I knew the situation had to change this year. We wanted a solution that was:

  • white (I need minimal color in the studio)
  • sleek – clean lines
  • LED light capable
  • inexpensive
  • portable
  • able to be adjusted (with height)
  • produced a lot of light

Keeping price at the forefront of our minds, we first headed to Target to get a sense of what was available. It only took a quick trip to the lighting aisle to find what I was looking for.


New white lights with LED bulbs for my studio from Target
Here is one of my new lamps! These task lamps are perfect and I love them! We purchased two of the white task lamps with a base.

Our lamps cost $5.99 each. For the bulbs, we bought 9W LED bright stiks, which produce a light very similar to daylight. Currently I have the option to have three lamps on when I paint and it is the ideal studio setup! (We replaced the existing lamp’s ‘yellow’ bulb with a bright stik too.)

Side note: Each time I see these lamps, I am reminded of the Pixar lamp. That makes me happy.

A surprising side benefit has revealed itself. On cloudy days, I can turn on the lights, close the blinds and pretend I have daylight pouring in. I could be painting in Hawaii (as long as I don’t open up the blinds and ruin the illusion!).

Such a simple change and it has made a huge difference. Isn’t that the case with home decor? You add a piece of art, rearrange the furniture and suddenly you have a new space. I’m just so excited that I wanted to share in case you’re in a similar predicament.

Happy Thursday!


*This is not an advertisement. I’m just really thrilled with my new lamps and bulbs!