Studio Update: Style is shifting a bit

New Painting Style Update...Purple Abstract Painting by Cortney North

Taking a different turn with my artistic style…a slight turn, but still a turn.

I’m going to keep this post brief since I’m aiming to squeeze studio time into a day that included working at the vet clinic, grocery shopping and the library. Those were accomplished before 2pm, so I’m feeling great about my efficiency today! Let’s keep it up!

Since re-opening my art business, I’ve had an idea of how I wanted my abstracts to look. I saw the style clearly in my mind. Though I was happy with my paintings, each time I finished a piece I felt a sense that it wasn’t quite ‘there’; I was seeing this ‘thing’ in my head that refused to be produced on the 2-D surface. Monday night I mentioned my frustration to my husband. He patiently listened.

We sat there studying the paintings – current and past – and analyzed them against what I was verbally telling him I wanted. Atmosphere, depth, color, sophistication, movement… I value his opinion because, like me, he has an art degree, but unlike me, he has a logical and methodical mind. He thinks in ways I do not. He knows how to find the ‘wrongs’ and make them ‘right.’ I have a tendency to get stuck in the weeds.

It took the whole evening and felt like I was back in a classroom being critiqued. But then, around the 9 o’clock hour as we poured over more details, there was clarity. As if a light bulb turned on over my head, what needed to change was so clear! He was highlighting the issues that were keeping me from reaching my next artistic level. My husband said it best when told me he had the thousand foot perspective; I was too absorbed in the trenches and couldn’t see what stifled me.

So hooray! You are going to notice a shift in my painting style, but it won’t be dramatic. The above painting isn’t done, but it is close to complete. I’m going to layer over with a lot of white, but overall, the painting will not change dramatically. My goal is to create fun, cheerful, whimsical abstract art, but I want it to be technically spot-on. Look out for my new paintings – it will be exciting to watch the evolution!