Sunday adventure

On Sunday, my husband and I decided to head out to Prairie Oaks state park to stretch our legs and boost our energy along with my creativity. We were pleasantly surprised by all of the ponds within the park and were delighted by all of the dogs running around with their owners. There were paddle boarders too – I’ve been wanting to try that for over a year now!

I wanted to jump into the water and join them. But I didn’t. But I wanted to.

Here are some other fun things we ran into on our adventure:
Creek I could sit by a babbling brook for hours. It stirs things deep within my soul and makes me want to sing.

Creek2 I also love cattails next to a babbling brook. This picture makes me want to sing even more.

Creek3 This old Cottonwood tree on the right has lived a good, long life. The three trees on the left are sycamores, which are my husband and I’s favorites. Their white, peeling bark reminds me of a paint by number painting. It’s so unique.

Creek4 Because we set off on our hike early enough, we ran into some animals that hadn’t been scared away by other people. Here’s one adorable find. He was a quick, little toad, so I had to snap the picture quickly before he made a bolt for it into the tall grasses.

Creek5 This smartly patterned guy hopped wisely away from our footsteps towards the edge of the path. So cute!

Creek6 I was trying out an artsy photo with our shadows. Next time I’m going to do a more goofy one.

Creek7 The clouds were building very quickly at this point in our journey and the beautiful sunshine had disappeared. We also weren’t sure how far away we were from our car, which was a bit concerning given that we saw some very dark clouds in the not-so-far distance.

Creek8 But then we made it back to the lake without feeling any drops of rain. We got the bonus of petting a few horses on the way back too. They were so affectionate and made me excited for the future when we have lots of land with room for my jersey cow and a few rescue horses.

What a lovely Sunday it was! I hope you had a great, relaxing weekend and that your week is starting off on a good foot.

Artfully yours,