Cortney North Abstract Fine Art Painting, small version of 'Quietude'

New Prints in Shop: “Imagination” and “Quietude”

Last week I was focused on getting new prints in the shop. It just so happens that both originals of these prints are displayed in our home. My husband is very partial to “Imagination” and I’m partial to “Quietude.” We had a discussion recently about listing original paintings for sale

If you love tropical waters…

If you are a fan of tropical water, the Caribbean or the colors turquoise and aqua, you will love this painting. Doesn’t it remind you of sitting on the beach watching the calm waves of the ocean roll to shore? I painted this with my love of water, beaches and

More prints in the shop!

Here are the three most recent prints I’ve posted in my shop – woo hoo! ‘Field of Flowers’ Fine Art Print I was witness to the most stunning bouquet of flowers with these colors and the image overwhelmed me. It was so earthy, but vibrant, colorful, but muted – so

New prints in my shop!

Over the past two weeks I posted three prints in my shop, but haven’t gotten around to writing about them here on my blog. I love them, no doubt about that, but it kept slipping my mind in the midst of working on new paintings (which are getting ready to