Kids Beach Cottage Interior Design

The Beach Cottage – Designs for the kids

The beach cottage I would design for kids would look entirely different than the beach cottage I’d design for adults. Here’s why: When I think back on places I visited as a child, I remember loving spots that were whimsical and overdone with the decor. Granted, I grew up in

Keeping room, hearth room, great room – bottom line: I like a fireplace near the kitchen! 

One of my favorite floorplan discoveries has been learning about keeping rooms. Or hearth rooms. Or great rooms. I had no idea the mighty great room, which has taken over the U.S., was originally the same concept of the keeping room. As some brief internet research informed me, the keeping

Living room design tour

Today I was feeling inspired by the large 24×36 canvas I was painting (it’s drying, which is why I had a few extra minutes to write!). I think it would really shine in a living room and that led my mind to designing a living room around the painting, which

Beach Design Ideas

I love beach-theme spaces. It’s because I grew up in Orlando. It will forever be my home – at least in my head since now I live far away from it in the Heartland. I digress. It is this love of everything beach that always makes me swoon when I