Cortney North Abstract Fine Art Painting, small version of 'Quietude'

New Prints in Shop: “Imagination” and “Quietude”

Last week I was focused on getting new prints in the shop. It just so happens that both originals of these prints are displayed in our home. My husband is very partial to “Imagination” and I’m partial to “Quietude.” We had a discussion recently about listing original paintings for sale

New in Shop: Trellis Flowers and It’s a foggy day

Here are some of the newest prints available in my shop! With this print, I see myself standing under a trellis and looking out into the sky beyond. The wind is blowing the flowers and sunlight dapples the petals. It’s a calming scene to me and I like that quality

Saturday tidbits

A few days ago I walked into our bedroom (my husband and I’s room – I felt as though I needed to specify) and was greeted by a beautiful arrangement of flowers. There were bright pink daisies with three white calla lilies. He assembled a striking collection of colors, which