The Home Office: Some inspired designs to help get inspired in the office

Oh, the home office. Can you relate with me that it’s the place that becomes a catch all, that random room that holds the relics from your college/first apartment days? There’s that desk chair you found at a garage sale that was perfect for the desk you picked up from your grandmother’s brother’s aunt. That chair was only $2, too – what a steal!

Now you’re thinking it’s stealing the successful mood right from the office. Perhaps it’s time to let someone else have their ‘what a steal’ moment. Go ahead, spread the joy!

I will admit, it’s difficult to spend money on home office interiors. Even if you work from home like me, it’s still very difficult to find the justification for sprucing up the place. The public spaces always take priority because other people will be spending time in those rooms. You want them to look nice for yourself, but there is also the element of “but it needs to look put-together for guests.” I don’t disagree and your guests won’t disagree with this either.

And that’s exactly what happens to the extra $500 you set aside for designing your interior. It goes to the public, well loved spaces.

But the office should be given some attention too. After all, what sorts of activities are happening in there? You’re paying your bills, planning your finances, working on a side business, working on your main business, scheduling your activities for the next week, month, etc. It’s called an office because running a home is a business in its own right.

And how would you feel if you had to work at an office that had avocado green shag carpet that was peeling at the edges? What about looking at walls speckled with spackling paste that was never painted over? Or what about your work chair being patched together with duct tape? And a desk that was jimmied together with bungy cords to keep the drawers from falling out? (Side note: I have worked in an office with desk chairs that had duct tape and a desk that had bungy cords. A squirrel also fell through the ceiling. Once. It was very alarmed. So were we.)

It’s difficult to see yourself as serious and successful in those situations because your surroundings aren’t matching what you feel inside or where you’re wanting to go with your life and career. In some cases, it’s only reminding you of your past. So take some time and a little money and invest it into the poor, old home office. Create it into a space you want to work in, you feel successful in and feel positive, uplifting vibes in.

You’ve probably walked in to a number of offices and said, ‘Wow, this is impressive. These people must know what they’re doing.’ Think about what those offices looked like and write down some of the features that made you feel good. Maybe it was a modern looking desk. Or perhaps quality artwork on the walls. Or it was a pleasant paint color on the walls that felt fresh and new. Or it was the desk chair that didn’t need duct tape to keep the arm cushions attached to the frame. Whatever it may be, take some time and some of your design budget and work towards that picture in your head. It may take a series of months, or longer, but step by step you’ll start seeing your beautiful home office come to life.

Here are some inspiring home office designs I found on Houzz that might get your motor running. Or your design fire crackling. Or your financial buzz tingling.

What I like: You’ll notice with all pleasant looking rooms, the clutter is zilch. That’s the case here. The colors are bright and cheerful – there has been attention paid to make sure the accessories, book covers, rugs and art all fit within the color scheme – that’s important to the eye. The furniture has nice, clean lines, which gives this a professional modern appearance.

What I like: A home office doesn’t have to be its own room. The colors (green, black and white) are repeated in this under-the-stairs office to give it a sense of its own space. It’s simple, but still inviting and well designed.

What I like: I wanted to toss in another example of this under-the-stairs look. See that little pendant light hanging just to the right of the computer? What a great way to emphasize this as a room without four walls.

What I like: I would like a fireplace in my office. What a great touch! I spy with my little eye a ceramic horse.

What I like: The colors! If you’re looking for energy, vibrancy and excitement from your home office, perhaps try some bold, energizing colors like these. You’ll be making your finances do push ups with these colors bouncing around the room.

What I like: You would have to do some investing in cabinetry, but it you’re looking for a traditional office look, this neutral color scheme and clean lines might just get you going!

What I like: There’s always the possibility of painting pieces of furniture you currently own in the same color to create a cohesive look. I’m all about giving a face lift to quality pieces!

What I like: I was thinking about my husband and a design he would enjoy. This office is modern, industrial and masculine. No fluffy, girly anything. And it’s complete with a black leather chair. A manly staple.

What I like: If I threw in one for my husband, I wanted to include a dream office for me. Swoon! I would have greens and blues on the interior, but I love the submersion into the garden. Lovely in every way!