The wacky Christmas ornaments of my childhood

This has been the view in the backyard for the past week since we were sprinkled, dusted and confetti-ed with snow. I can’t say that it is not pretty – it is. It’s just that I’m from Florida and even after spending more than a decade in Ohio, and some of that time was spent up in the northern too-cold-to-even-breathe part of Ohio, my blood still hasn’t ‘thickened up’ as they say. I’ll take it as a sign to move back down south. I’ll grab my bags now before the snow storm hits tomorrow! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA I like the wind blown ripples that form in the snow. Doesn’t this look like the tundra?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Snow cone anyone? I can make you one really quick.

Christmas Ornament This past weekend, we decorated the Christmas tree. This year I decided to use some of the ornaments from my childhood that I haven’t seen in awhile. It’s nostalgic and I like that this time of year.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Oh, Sebastian. You and your delightful movie got me through elementary school.

I like that he has mittens, ear muffs and a scarf. And a heart for a tongue. Perhaps he moonlights as a caroler during the holiday season?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA I used to read this little book every year. Over and over. Does anyone else have these little Golden Books as ornaments? I think it is such a great idea! Interactive Christmas tree!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA I’ve included this ornament because it’s well… it’s interesting, and hilarious. When I was a child, I thought it was awesome to have an ornament that moved his legs and arms when you pulled the string.

Now, I’m questioning everything. But it’s whimsical. Sort of. I’m still questioning.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Hmm, I didn’t realize this when I was taking the pictures, but I’m noticing an interactive theme to my favorite Christmas ornaments. I wonder what that could mean? Do I have a short attention span? Well, that’s been proven. No research needed there.

As for the ornament: This one moves as though the reindeer is galloping happily through the pine tree forest with a little 3 year-old going along for the ride. It’s fun and moveable. Thus, I like it.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Aha! Here’s one that’s not dependent on movement to keep me interested. I did write on it though. I thought it needed a little something extra apparently back in ol’ 1998.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA I’m not sure about the history of this ornament, but I know it came to live with us later in my childhood. It’s not interactive! It’s not been ‘enhanced’ by my childhood hand! But I did like to put the lights from the tree’s strand inside so it lit up the little love bird’s home.

Side note: This ornament always made me hungry because the birdhouse’s post is a candy cane and the snow on the roof looks like thick, fluffy frosting.

On an unrelated note, I’m going to go eat a sugar cookie with a generous helping of fluffy frosting.

Have a great weekend and if you’re living anywhere where this giant snow storm is hitting, be safe and warm!