These lanterns speak to me

Cruising the internet this morning, I found some great outdoor lanterns at Potterybarn that just happened to be on sale. It is only a coincidence that at that same moment, my husband’s cardiac fibers felt a twinge of stress and panic.

Perhaps a normal person wouldn’t be so taken by these fancy candle transporters, but it is a fact that lanterns have charmed their way into my life.

Perhaps it’s from my childhood spent down in Florida amongst the lighthouses? I do have a fondness for those beacons.

Below are some of my favorite lanterns from the offerings over at It is only fair to say I chose these favorites by selecting them out of a hat – I could foresee every one of their lantern styles in my garden.

Ocean hanging lanterns from Potterybarn

These hanging lanterns scream beach to me. Their shiny metal toppers remind me of the playful tin roofs on seaside homes.

Country style lantern from Potterybarn ]

I had to include this country-inspired lantern. It brings back memories from my childhood of trips to Ohio in the summertime, which always included attempts to catch lightning bugs in mason jars. I should emphasize the word ‘attempts.’ We had larger-than-life bugs in Florida, but we didn’t have glowing bugs and they fascinated me.

Seaside cottage lanterns from Potterybarn

The structure of this lantern is sophisticated and lovely. The cap reminds me of Asian pagoda architecture and I’m swooning over the door clasps. Beautiful for outside and inside the home.

So, if you’re like me and get weak to your knees when looking through these photos, you should check out the other styles Potterybarn has to offer. Here’s the link: Great lanterns at Potterybarn

Not a paid advertisement by Potterybarn. I truly love these lanterns!