‘Through the Roses’, my newest print, and some bright interiors

My newest print:
Through the Roses art print by Cortney North
Here’s what I was working on last week and into the weekend. I had so much fun painting this design. It helped that the sun, for the most part, was shining and the birds were singing. Now that the painting is complete and I’ve spent a few days away from it, when I look at it with fresh eyes, it reminds me of a chintz fabric pattern. I hadn’t planned on that and actually I hadn’t planned on the print looking as impressionistic as it does either. But I believe it all works together and I appreciate how it interacts with the other prints in my shop. The painting makes me happy when I look at it, which is what art should do. Ahh, spring. That’s exactly what I think when I see it. Just beautiful!

Interiors for my painting:

How perfect would my ‘Through the Roses’ print look in this kitchen? It would go so well with the floral design of the china set and with the bright accessories.

The pink is soft in this office, but I like the subtle pastel wall that could allow many types of art to shine.

This seems like the opposite of the two photos above, but I like the vibrant, ‘I’m here’ vibe of this design. For my house, I probably wouldn’t go this bold. Who am I kidding, my husband would never go for it! But for someone else who lives everything pink, here’s your inspiration room. My painting would be a seamless addition here, too!

And now for another punch of pink, we have this modern studio delight. I know the designer was going for minimalist, but let’s just say – for the purposes of my creativity – the homeowner said, “I love our pink wall, but…but I need something else.” Perhaps a bold, floral painting to break up all those streamlined edges! Why yes, yes that is a great choice.

I’m in a painting mood at the moment, so I’ll be in the studio today working on a series of three paintings. The ‘Summer Flower Garden’ print has been very popular as of late, but there is the unfortunate fact that I cannot enlarge it to 13×19. Because of this, I’m creating my new series in the color scheme of the ‘Summer Flower Garden’ so it can be enlarged. Typically I don’t prefer to copy a color scheme from a painting I have completed because it can be a creativity killer. We’ll see how it goes, but I’m liking the flow of it so far. It should be finished by the end of the week.

Must go paint! Have a great, inspired day!