Turquoise Bedroom Delights

I’ve had a love affair with turquoise for quite some time. Isn’t it interesting how we all seem to find a color or color palette to love? I bet there is a lot of interesting psychology that goes into that decision. For me, it may be as simple as growing up in Florida and loving the water.

I’ve also developed a deep love for vibrant green in the past few years. That preference I attribute to my desperation to see green after the long winter here in Ohio. Blessed, soul-enriching green spring. It makes me want to do cartwheels when I see the first blades of grass coming to life. Instead I just jump for joy since I haven’t done cartwheels since I was in gymnastics back in 7th grade.

It’s best for everyone that way.

So back to turquoise. Below are what I believe to be a great assortment of turquoise, beautiful bedrooms that I found on Houzz. If you’re looking to update your bedroom from outdated to beautifully turquoise, there are some great jumping off points here.

What I like: First, I melt inside when I see coffered ceilings, so this room gets extra style points for caring about that detail. Second, there is a great mixture of textures used in this room. From the hairy rug on the floor, to the weathered side tables and the glittery crystal light fixtures, you have a lot of nice visual eye candy. Mixing different textures together while using the same shade of a color works well here!

What I like: This is not technically a bedroom, I know, but if you switch out that couch for a bed, it’s a bedroom. The design above has a more industrial edge, which I think guys could appreciate, especially if they’re anything like my husband. Integrating the deep gray-blues with turquoise is a good way to add some masculinity to this space.

What I like: If you’re a fan of the shabby chic look, here you go. Muted turquoise on the walls and light, similar turquoise tones in the fabric. It’s simple, feminine, elegant, and unpretentious. But I think there is enough sophistication in the mirrored side table and pillow pattern to keep it from feeling bland. The curtain, which might be a linen-type of material, helps to set the tone with its clean, tailored lines.

P.S. – I love that light fixture!

What I like: It’s the beach, so what’s not to love? But specifically, I love the tone of the turquoise. It’s a muted mint green-turquoise and it’s lovely. If you had something too bold in here, you wouldn’t see the beach. That’s the star, after all, so every bit of the room should be acting as the outside’s compliment. And it does.

P.S. – There’s fresh snow on the ground outside here in Ohio. Can I book a room at this beach house?

What I like: Sometimes the standby of combining turquoise with cream or tan gets a little, um, predictable. My eyes, just like yours I’m sure, love to see a new color partner for turquoise. It’s like a face lift for turquoise! Combining turquoise with this rust red assortment is a nice twist. Turquoise done in a traditional country room – love it! Also, it looks great with those cornflower blue vases.

What I love: Doesn’t this space look like a little guest room at your Grandma’s country cottage? The room is so cozy and English garden-inspired, which adds to the quaint appeal. Heads up though: Let’s say you want this in your master bedroom and the love of your life is a very masculine man, you might want to reconsider. This is probably best for the guest room that might eventually become your personal retreat when he gets to snoring loudly. Just saying. Good, thoughtful design can keep a marriage happy.

P.S. – There is a lot of snow on the ground here in Ohio and I’d love to book a room here at this little cottage. Any time after my trip to the previously booked beach house will work. Thanks!

What I love: I can’t leave out the bold and the beautiful. Some people love color and they love it a lot! Here is an example of a room that says, “I love blue and I’m not afraid to scream it.” But doesn’t the room make you feel cheerful and good about life. It tells me that everything will be alright because the sun is shining and there are banana trees outside. Are those flowers too?

P.S. – I’ll be needing to book a room here in this tropical paradise. There is snow outside here, you see, and it’s not allowing the flowers to bloom. I’ll book my room as soon as I’m back from the English garden room. Thanks!

I think I have issues. But I think you might know that now.

Did I mention that it snowed here in Ohio last night? The sun is shining, though and that is a very beautiful thing. Just like turquoise. Now I’ve come full circle. I’ll go now. Off to design,