Two 12×12 Paintings

These two paintings are splendid and balanced and represent everything I try to capture in a piece of abstract art. In other words, they make my heart sing.

Iris and Sunflowers Acrylic Painting by Cortney North

My inspiration for this piece was the most beautiful flower arrangement on, of all places, Paula Deen’s cooking show. What an unexpected place to get inspiration from flowers! She had gorgeous petite sunflowers in the midst of tall purple flowers (their name escapes me at the moment) and a mix of subtle blue green hydrangeas. It was spring perfection in a vase. And now it’s in this painting.

Beside the Ocean Acrylic Painting by Cortney North

Sigh, how I long to be on a beach when I look at this painting. My heart rate immediately slows down every time I walk past this piece. If I stop and stare, I can even hear the waves crashing and the breeze blowing with the call of seagulls in the air. Let’s not forget the lovely fruity umbrella drink in my hand … ah, a little taste of vacation in a painting.

Off daydreaming now of umbrella drinks on the seashore…

Note: If you are interested in either of these paintings and would like to purchase before it becomes available in my shop, please email me at or send a message through my contact page.