Welcoming, Cheerful Foyer: Design Board

Welcoming Cheerful Foyer Design Idea from Cortney North

For this design, I wanted to capture colors and designs that I believe would set a welcoming entrance to any home.

Foyers, entryways or whatever you may call the area near your front door is an interesting area to design around. First, I needed to address storage. For my preference, I enjoy storage that is hidden from view because things can start to become visual clutter after a while. That is why I chose this outdoor buffet from Pottery Barn. Not only could I slide some trays into the shelf area and hide little pieces of clutter, but I also can shove all manner of goods into the doors and shut it off from view. In a pinch with people coming over, shoes, umbrellas, toys could all wind up in there perhaps in bins or just thrown haphazardly to quickly remove from view. It’s all about function for me.

Mirror Trays

The mirror tray and butler stand provide the second level of storage: the easily accessed kind. It’s reality that keys, random candies, paper clips, and who knows what need a place to rest for a short time without any hassle. As I’ve too often found, if it’s not easy to place, it will get misplaced.

Some words about the design. These colors reflect a calming, welcoming entrance with the soft blues, earthy greens and inviting gray tones. I focused on pulling the greens, blues and creams from the painting to kick up the color factor here too. It’s a little playful, but also sophisticated.

The chair. Oh, I love that chair! I selected from so many fabric samples and I can’t be happier with the fabric. At first I thought of a lovely bench to live in this foyer, but in the end, I decided the foyer is just the entry, the living room is for sitting. However, when I need to put on shoes or rest my purse, this armless chair is the perfect place to do just that. It’s an art piece in itself, but it will also provide a great place to put on my wellies when the weather is adverse.

Banded Glass Sconce

The wall sconce was an ingenious idea if I’ve ever had one. Not all of us have sweeping ceilings that allow for a chandelier and I wanted to design for that style of home. And though chandeliers can be quite a gorgeous statement, the light is often more harsh than what these wall sconces would provide. The walls will be lit with a creamy white glow, almost like candlelight, and who doesn’t want that when they are being greeted into a home?

And since this is an entry and exit, it’s not complete without a stylish mirror to check yourself over once or twice before taking on the day, errand, or garden. The grass cloth frame relates to the seagrass table lamp on the buffet so well and both add the rustic, textural element that I love so much.

Ceramic Koi Fish

I think the Koi fish is such a playful feature that brightens and livens up the space. The wall color is a creamy, rich gray that will look dramatic at night and soft during the day. The smells in this space should be clean, crisp and fresh so I’ve chosen ‘Clean Cotton’ as the featured scent.

Not to be left out are the floors. Deep wood or dark stone floors would work nicely in this space. The rug would be necessary not only as a grabber of dirt, but also to provide protection for the wood floors. The colors are a mix of the colors I pulled from the painting and the pattern is amazing next to the motif on the chair. It was such a perfect find!