What I love right now

I didn’t have a theme when picking what I loved for this week. It’s a bit of an assortment like the last time. Hope you enjoy the collection!
AnthropologieFlats These flats would be a great inspiration piece while painting.

Futurestudio Every time I think about my dream studio, I keep thinking about this converted shed. With a few adjustments, it could be the best place to paint all day long!

ToileDogAccessories I love toile! When I have a dog, this is where its food will be kept.

OutdoorsDiningRoomTable The nod to a breakfast nook table is apparent with this outdoor dining set and I love the idea!

HandTowels The little tassels on these hand towels are a nice touch, don’t you think?

VolcanicBeadNecklace In a past life I made jewelry and still have all the supplies for it. I think these volcanic beads would make for an amazing necklace!