What I’ve been reading…

For the past week I’ve been able to steal some time away and take in a book devoted to the art of decorating, also known as interior design.

Photo from: http://rosetarlow.com/about-books.php

The Private House by Rose Tarlow was quite the fun read. Not only did I gain design wisdom (which makes this book an invaluable go-to resource), but she also included great tidbits about entertaining comfortably.

I did find that throughout the book, so many of my innate feelings towards design were many of hers as well. For one, I believe you should surround yourself with pieces you love, not pieces that just ‘fill a space.’ When you truly enjoy everything that you put into your home, you will find they all end up fitting well together.

Also, not everything has to be trendy that goes into a design. I’m not sure why there are trends in home design when it comes down to it. Who is comfortable living in a trend? I’d rather live in a home with accents from my past along with pieces I’ve found and fallen in love with recently. That’s what really makes a space livable and cozy.

Then there were the tips on being a wonderful host and creating a great atmosphere for a gathering in your home. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve tried to go fancy, schmancy with my food and I wind up feeling too exhausted to even want to socialize or eat. Probably my guests felt the same way! Rose did a wonderful job explaining the ins and outs of a relaxed dinner party where both the guests and I could enjoy our time. For that alone, I’m indebted to her for writing this book!

If you’re interested in adding her lovely book to your collection, here is the link on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/The-Private-House-Rose-Tarlow/dp/0609604724

Succinctly written and adorned with beautiful, inspiring photographs throughout, I definitely recommend it!