What I’ve been up to in the studio

To keep my creativity at a top notch status, I like to try new things in art that I haven’t done before. Or in this case, some things that I haven’t done in a while.

Like sculpture. Back in my later years of college, I made three ceramic horse sculptures. I’ve been having the itch to sculpt again so I picked up some polymer clay the last time I was shopping at the art store. Art stores are dangerous places! I have to watch my basket when I’m in there. One minute, my basket has one pencil and a tube of paint, the next minute, I have three baskets and a cart of enough art delights to supply an elementary school!

Back to my point, I picked up the polymer because it is able to be ‘fired’ in the oven at 275 degrees. It took less time than a casserole! 15 minutes in the oven and ‘ding’ it was done!

So after playing with the plastic clay, here is what I came up with: Horse Sculpture by Cortney North The horse is so fun and whimsical. It’s about 4 inches tall, which is a miniature version of my earlier horse sculptures. I won’t be switching over to polymer clay permanently, but if you’re looking for a project to do on a snow day with the kids – or you just want to sculpt without needing to fire your piece in the kiln – it’s a good choice. Fairly inexpensive for the amount you get. I paid $11 for a 2 lb. box, which had more than enough to make at least 7-8 of these horses. I did paint it white with my acrylic paints, but it turned out a little sticky. I searched on the mighty internet for what to do about a sticky, painted polymer piece (alliteration!) and people were suggesting that the higher quality acrylic paint you use, the stickier the surface will become. Who knew? In this case, cheap is best apparently.

The other project I’ve been up to recently is creating pattern designs. Here’s a little sneak peek at the one I’ve been working on. Ocean Damask Pattern I’ll post about this once it is complete, but here’s a little look before the completed project is debuted.

I absolutely love patterns and have been in love with them since art history in college. I also love interior design and, well, designing in general. It’s really a match made in heaven, isn’t it?

That’s a look into the studio right now. I’m hoping this week the pattern will be complete and I can have it for sale as wall art next week. It’s going to look amazing once I’m done with it!

Take care and Happy Wednesday to you!