Coral and Pink Abstract Painting with paint drips by Cortney North

What’s new with me and inspiring art studios

Do your weeks feel as though they last 4 days instead of 7? That has been my normal for a bit now and I’d like to change that setting (but still get just as much work done)! I’m not sure what happened to last week and then I looked up today and realized it is Thursday. Well. Hello and good bye week – at least you were a productive one! On the upside, that means Friday is tomorrow and that is always good!

I haven’t really posted anything personal since re-opening my shop and thought I should give a little update:

– I took last year off from my art business to help my friend set up her veterinary practice, which was quite a rewarding experience. Now I work there part time and it is extremely busy. It’s fun and interesting work and it surely keeps me hopping!

– I’ve been working hard to turn my paintings into prints. There were paintings I created 2-4 years ago that I wanted to turn into prints, but didn’t have the technology at that time to do so. With the tech issue remedied, I had the time and worked during my afternoons and evenings to get those posted to Etsy. At this point they are all up! That felt like a big victory after 2-3 weeks of very hard work.

– Once I posted those prints, I was able to free up some time to paint again. It is interesting how much time I could spend focusing on the business side of this art business – it is more than I ever expected! But I get a little twitchy if I don’t paint after a few days and besides, you can’t have an art business without art. I need to be creative and let the colors out! I try to schedule 2-3 afternoons/evenings per week for painting exclusively and so far it has been a good system.

– I want to expand what I paint to include animals and flowers. For now I have 2 abstract paintings in the works, but after those two are complete, I’m going to work on a floral or animal painting. The fun part will be keeping them my style with the touches of realism. I’m excited about the new adventure and can’t wait to get started!

– I created an Instagram account and have been keeping it updated on my latest works-in-progress. I’m still learning how to best use that social media platform, but I like the idea that it is a quick, visual update on what is happening in my studio.

And speaking of studio, I was looking on a fellow artist’s Instagram account and was inspired by her light-filled studio. My studio is our spare bedroom, which we designated as the office/studio space upon move in. It is sizable with a large window and off-white walls, so I’m quite happy with it, but I also like to dream about other possibilities for the future.

Here are a few I found on Houzz that tickled my fancy.

East Hampton Artist Studio

I noticed if I paint in a room with a wall color other than white/off-white, I make all of my paintings coordinate with the paint color. It was a funny discovery and good too know – my brain can’t tolerate having mismatching/non-cohesive colors together. The windows being up high as a clerestory is a plus in this space. The outdoors can be distracting if I’m trying to really focus and get work done!


Rustic Home Office

I’ve been loving the idea of wood floors in the studio. My favorite wood floors are old, heart (slow-growth) pine floors. This studio makes me think of the old Flemish masters for some reason. Maybe it’s the architecture?


Quantum Windows & Doors | FINNE Architects | Gordon Gibson Construction

Very contemporary and funky, the black beams are a bit too dark for me (I’d use white), but I like the folding-panel wall idea. I have a ceramics wheel and in my next studio space, I plan to break it out of it’s protective box. Clay dust can be a problem in the 2-D studio. I like the idea of having this removable divider in case the ceramic creative bug strikes. I’ll assemble the wall and no worries about clay dust covering my paintings!


van Adelsberg Grant Art Studio

I may like the idea of the clerestory, but this view would be a grand sight everyday. All of the natural light would be glorious too.


Vada Dr. Art Studio

I have many of the paint half-gallons shown on the shelves in this photo on the bookcase beside me. They were from a mural project a few years back and I’m still getting use from them! What I like about this studio space is the loft. I would likely use it as a writing space.


Artist Studio

Well, I can only imagine how happy this artist is to be painting in such an inspiring space! Wow this is impressive. This would be an easy studio to spend the day painting away. Tall windows and wood floors – I’m sold!


Artist Studio

I pulled the studio’s images from one of my blogs from years ago. It hasn’t left my mind all these years later and would be the top contender for ‘my favorite studio space.’ The hallway (shown below) connects the owner’s home to this space. There is a loft and wood floors and so much light. I have not a bad thing to say about it – well done all who worked to create this beauty!

Artist Studio