When life gives you lemon curd…

… you should probably eat it. Especially if it’s Trader Joe’s Lemon Curd.

Trader Joe's Lemon Curd photo by Cortney North This past weekend was a blur for most of the days. I was out buying a printer, visiting with family, baking loaves of bread and eating them. But I discovered something I’ve been spying for some time. This lemon curd. I’ve been wondering about it for two years.

No, I’m not kidding. But I have a good reason for my delay. I tend to love lemon-flavored anything, but sometimes lemon-flavored anythings can be bitter. I’m not sure I wanted to invest in something that was bitter. In the past, I’ve had some delightful lemon curds and others that were way too tart it rendered them inedible. You know the kind.

I could never take the chance without a sample.

But that was before. This weekend, I braved it and tried it. Gasp! And to my buccal delight, it was amazing! Here’s what I thought after the first taste. “This tastes like a lemon tart, a delicious, heavenly lemon tart. With cream. Or maybe the most perfect lemon meringue pie, minus the meringue because I think it’s gross. Or perhaps it’s just the best lemon curd in the world. Yes, that is it.’

Trader Joe’s suggests you add it as an ice cream topping, an adornment on biscuit or scones, but really, you could just eat it out of the container. Here are the steps: grab a big soup spoon, not one of those piddly teaspoons, and dunk into container. When it is heaping, place into mouth. Clean spoon and repeat.

I put it on the bread I baked too. It was a delight.

So, here is the moral of my story: If you enjoy lemons and, like me, were wondering if you should try the Trader Joe’s Lemon Curd, you should. If, sadly, you don’t have a Trader Joe’s nearby, I’ll be praying for you and I’m deeply sorry for your predicament.

Happy Tuesday to you!

Note: TJ’s didn’t tell me to blog about their delicious product. It was too good not to share with friends.