While making a light dinner last night

Since there was so much delicious, rich food graciously made at family get togethers the past few days, we decided to go a bit lighter last night for dinner.

Our waist lines thanked us greatly!

Avocadoes Avocadoes are among one of my favorite treats on this earth. Pair them with some smoked gouda and I’m in heaven.

While chopping and shredding and chopping some more for the salad, I looked up and noticed the sky. Oh man was it beautiful!

Sunset just beginning When there is only a small range of colors during the winter, I find that I miss seeing the vibrancy of what nature can do. But then it also makes me appreciate the colors when they decide to pop out at unexpected times.

One of those unexpected times was last night. Apparently the blanket of clouds was moving through and it allowed just enough of an opening to let the sun shine its heart out.

Sunset in the middle of its beauty Don’t you love the ray of light shooting upwards? It is always surreal, but that’s all the sun’s doing. No Photoshopping here. No light glares. Just the sun.

The big sunset The colors are majestic.

sunset And then as with most things, it fades quietly and the moment is done.

Sometimes it’s good to spend some time watching a sunset and taking it all in. It’s relaxing. It’s on its own timetable. It roots me in nature. It reminds me to enjoy the little gifts in the present moment.

So that’s what I was watching while I was chopping and shredding and chopping some more at dinner last night.

Wishing you a great weekend and I hope you get to enjoy a great sunset or sunrise at some point soon!