Whimsical Christmas Ornaments and foxes as salt and pepper shakers

Before I get to the main subject of my post, I wanted to share these little salt and pepper shakers: My husband and I had to take a trip to Target one night this weekend and as we were looking around, I veered into the holiday home decorating section. I’ve been known to do that a time or two. That’s when I found these two little foxes, which are salt and pepper shakers. The black and gold makes me think of Egyptian art. Love them!

Threshold Porcelain Assorted Salt Shakers Fox/Owl

Threshold Porcelain Assorted Salt Shakers Fox from Target

Inspired by Friday’s post about my childhood ornaments, I wanted to look around and see what ornaments are out there in our vast, shopping universe. I was looking for ones that are different, cool and great conversation starters. Here’s what I found:

Agate Ornament

Agate Ornament at Target – I have a collection of geodes, so this ornament was right up my alley.


Global Gourd Ornaments from Crate and Barrel. Here’s the story from their website about these beautiful ornaments: Artisans employ the ancient craft of gourd-carving to create these beautiful ethnic ornaments. Each hollowed gourd is hand-carved with folk art flowers and birds and handpainted in sunny brights. This ornament was handcrafted exclusively for Crate and Barrel by women in rural Peru in collaboration with a fair trade group, empowering crafters to earn a sustainable income to provide their families with food, shelter and healthcare.


Carved Wood Alpaca ornaments from Crate and Barrel – Alpacas, llamas and foxes seem to be taking over everything right now. Have you noticed this? You have, oh good. I thought it was just me.


PomPom Poodle Ornaments from Crate and Barrel – These made me laugh because they’re ridiculous. I can picture the vibrant Christmas tree they would adorn so well.

Peacock Ornament Sequined Peacock Clip Ornament from World Market – What a great ‘pop’ of whimsy to include on a few branches of the tree. It’s sparkly too – lovely!

Rooster Ornaments Wood Rooster Ornaments from World Market – For some reason I’m on a rooster kick and just love all of their beautiful colors. Wouldn’t these be a great pop of color on a tree?