Why sunsets inspire me

When I was a little kid, I loved everything nature. I suppose not much has changed if I’m being honest. But, back when I was younger and living in Florida, I had more than one opportunity to watch a sunset over the ocean. I didn’t appreciate it then as much as I appreciate the memories now.

I watched many a good sunset while eating my kid’s order of shrimp poppers. Good times.

Now, because I don’t live near the ocean, I watch the sunset over a neighborhood with lots of mature trees. It’s not as romantic, I’ll admit, but there are some evenings when the effect is the same. Last night was one of those nights.

The colors and textures nature sends out has the ability to send me into a creative bliss. I don’t think I need to say how much I wanted to start painting this color scheme.
Those oranges are beautiful and light. Then the purple and blues are so deep and mysterious. Together, they are singing in harmony.
Later on in the color show, red made an appearance. I understand the science of sunsets well, but I never cease to get excited when I see those strikings reds. It’s the last of the colors to be seen from the sun and it’s the most stunning.
And then the sun official set and the colors muted. The purple of the clouds against the light, peachy sky was just incredible.

And that is why sunsets inspire me. Nothing but pure beauty.

Happy Wednesday to you! I hope tonight you’ll get the chance to observe a sunset in your neck of the woods.

Artfully yours,