Blue and White ocean painting by Cortney North Fine Art

My unplanned word of the week is patience…how about yours?

If I had to guess the topic I was meant to work on this week it would be patience. I would find myself exasperated if I tried to explain every incident of ridiculousness that prompted me to type this prior sentence, but why don’t I list a few for fun?

Most of the time I think my patience level is at a healthy level, but this week has been pushing it. I drive from the outer edge of a suburb to the inner parts of Columbus and the traffic has been horrendous this week. I deal with rush hour traffic most days, but I was dealing with it in abnormal spots. Plus, accidents were popping up that slowed down my travel time by 15-30 minutes.

On Thursday I had to wait in traffic in the middle of the day because of two accidents at different points on my way home. What is it about traffic that makes me lose my mind? I should be saying, “This is a great time to sit in this air-conditioned car, listen to calming music and contemplate all the thoughts I feel too rushed to contemplate at home.” Well, no.

Unfortunately, it hasn’t just been traffic that’s been pushing my buttons, it has been a car parked (permanently perhaps?) in my normal parking spot, people meandering with no direction at the grocery store and the library parking lot being full in the middle of the day. What? I need to get my books people! How else can I feed my reading addiction?

Meanwhile I’m trying to acknowledge these inconveniences as a wake up call to “settle it on down! Life is too short to get this upset about things mildly altering my schedule and/or routine.” As a rebuttal, I say that my personality type doesn’t deal well with changes in routine.

In some comically-timed happenstance, my wireless keyboard has decided to type most of the words my fingers create, but is also ignoring others. If there are words missing at the end of this post, please know I tried but I can only handle so much. This keyboard doesn’t even realize how close it is to the garbage can if it keeps this up.

So, I’m over here reminding myself to breathe and that God is teaching me a great patience lesson that I had no clue I needed. Here is short wrap up of some things I’ve been up to/will be up to this week. (Short because of this ridiculous keyboard – Lord be with me!)


Blue and White ocean painting by Cortney North Fine Art

This is the most recent painting on my easel. It is in-process and will have more solid color details added in the coming week. Can you tell I was inspired by the Grecian isles? I’ll let you know when it’s available for purchase. It is a smaller painting, 11″ x 14″ x 1.5″ and would be perfect in a bathroom or narrow bedroom wall.

Kronos our Bearded Dragon:

Bearded Dragon

Here is our 10 year old bearded dragon Kronos enjoying herself this week. She’s not a big fan of the paparazzi (who is, Kronos?). By this I mean she likes to stare at my face when I’m trying to take a picture of her and will stare at the lens when I’m not taking a picture. Sigh… (insert the rolling eyes emoji here)


Bearded Dragon by Cortney North

She loves looking outside, but doesn’t love the direct sun on her for very long. She gets too hot and prefers her temperature to stay around 70-75 degrees F.


Bearded Dragon by Cortney North

I had to tempt her with a strawberry for this photo. She bought it for a second before turning away.


Bearded Dragon by Cortney North

I really like this photo even though she’s staring at my face and not the lens. If you notice, she has a towel as her substrate. She is extremely picky about her environment. Over the winter I put this towel down to help her cage stay insulated against the colder temperatures (mid-high 60’s). She began sleeping on the bottom of her cage, which she’s never done before. Previously, we’ve had rocks in her cage along with paper towels as the substrate. She would jump from rock to rock to avoid touching the paper towels. Now she climbs on the rocks and the towel. It only took us 10 years to figure out she preferred a “carpeted” touch in her cage. Sorry, Kronos! If only you could talk…



I picked up these delights yesterday at Trader Joe’s. Trader Joe's Brownie crisp coffee ice cream sandwiches

I don’t care for chocolate, but I do like coffee ice cream! We’ll be eating these goodies tonight and I’ll update you with our opinion.

The Trader Joe’s New York Style Cheesecake I mentioned last week was great! It took us 3-4 nights before we finished it because of it’s richness. This cheesecake was dense and thick. We ate it with some honey drizzled on top and found that was a pleasant accompaniment.

That is a tiny nutshell of my week minus my vet job, but I’ll refrain from that since it just reminds me of traffic at the moment. My keyboard is going on the fritz again so with that I’ll bid this adieu before the keyboard goes down in flames along with my sanity. Cheers to a happy weekend for you!